Gocni Schindler

Gocni SchindlerBorn someplace in the upper Midwest, America.

His sperm donor split, never to be seen again.

Whilst his struggling drug addict Mom, she did her best.

Growing up in a biker bar with vagrants and the dissolute. In his words, "Realistic people from planet Earth!" his writing is life, turned into fiction, protecting the guilty. After tragedy, destruction and death he traveled the nation searching the madness for resolution.

"No matter where you go, its always there, lurking in the darkness. Its sole intent to ridicule, break and kill! Feasting, like a parasite inside a dismembered soul. Delighting in its jollification upon your own obscurity. Falling off the bar stool titled, no hope. Sleeping on a nameless street curb! A place to define the true merit of flesh. When evil comes for an easy kill. That last stand! Succumb to an alleged fate or rise up, taking hold of something unseen, for even in nothing, we still have a fighting chance.

Life is an alluring mask, a mask of fascination. It's not about me, it's about the stories. The message! Having many masks. Each of my tales being a mask unto my own persona, a mask unto thine own flesh."